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Version: 1.5.x


Endpoint for system information

The system information endpoint of the Dossier Organizer, accessible at <host>/actuator/info, provides important details about the current state of the application. This endpoint is particularly useful for developers and system administrators for monitoring and troubleshooting.

The response from this endpoint is a JSON object containing two main sections: git and build.

"git": {
"describe": "3fd5cb7-dirty", // Description of the latest commit
"branch": "master", // The name of the Git branch
"commit": {
"id": "3fd5cb7", // Commit hash
"time": "2023-12-19T12:41:52Z" // Commit timestamp
"build": {
"artifact": "fusion-dossier-organizer", // Name of the build artifact
"name": "fusion-dossier-organizer", // Name of the application
"time": "2023-12-19T12:44:47.609Z", // Build timestamp
"version": "1.35.5", // Version of the build
"group": "com.levigo.fusion.dossierorganizer" // Group name of the build