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Version: 1.5.x

Application Versioning

Dossier Organizer uses Semantic Versioning to define the syntax and semantics of application version. This version encompasses all publicly available APIs.

Given a version number X.Y.Z, increment the:


We provide backward compatible bug fixes. Fixes correct erroneous behaviour without changing the intended behaviour of the application. These Changes also won't include any additions in functionality.


We provide functionality in a backward compatible manner. All API functionality will remain functional without any adjustments of the API consumers. New functionality can be added as long as it does not interfere with any exiting function. Existing functionally can be marked as deprecated, but never removed. Occasionally this Version change can also indicate a bigger internal change without a change in the public APIs.


This Version version marks when there are breaking API changes. A API change is defined as breaking, if it remove or alter existing functionality in a non backwards compatible manner. API consumer may need to adjust the communication with our public APIs. These changes may also include a change in deployment or operations.

Pre-Release Versions

Additional labels for pre-release versions are provided as X.Y.Z-RC.V.
The version V just indicates the iteration of the release candidate (RC)

Hotfix Versions

We may also provide Hotfixes to existing versions by temporarily adding a fourth digit as X.Y.Z.H.
The version H only indicates another non-breaking change to an old version besides the natural order or Semantic Versioning.